Hello world!

I have started this blog to share news with you and my views on aspects of Aged Care. I have worked for over 20 years in the Aged Care environment, spending the last nine years as an accommodation Placement Consultant. My passion for this role has led me to set up my own independent business as a Placement Consultant so I can provide the level of support and care I think our aged people deserve when looking for suitable aged care accommodation. I have seen that it can be a very confusing and challenging time, a time of great transition from your own home into an aged care facility. However, I have also seen, that with help and support, it is possible to move through this time with ease and to find accommodation that suits all your needs.

My business is called Oasis Aged Care Solutions – Oasis is that beautiful place of calm and sustenance that you find in the desert and solutions is what you are seeking. These two words in my business’s name reflect what I  offer you.  It is my pleasure to assist my clients to find a place where they will be happy with the least amount of worry and trouble. I was so pleased recently to find suitable accommodation for an elderly lady whose son was a businessman living in Sydney. I was able to assist this lovely lady by finding suitable options and visiting them with her to assess if they would be the place she would like to live. I was then able to negotiate her acceptance into the facility she favoured. She and her family were so happy with the outcome and have been kind enough to provide a testimonial on my new website.

So I hope you will stay in touch with me and read my regular stories. Thanks for reading this.

Jillian Slade

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