A Win Win Solution For My Aged Care Client And Her Family

Oasis Aged Care Solutions

It’s important to be close to family.

Ann Stewart was a client of mine who had lived in the country town of Woodend all her life, moving into a local modern, low care facility for six years. Once all her friends lived close by but when I met her they had all gone. As her health declined the facility was unable to continue to provide the level of care she required. Her two daughters lived in Melbourne and were each travelling 4 hours to visit their mother on alternate days.

Her daughters came to me distraught as the high care facility in Woodend was much older and only offered shared rooms. They knew their mother would be miserable there and were concerned about the travel as they would need to visit her more frequently. They had made enquiries about facilities in Melbourne but as their mother’s bond was depleted she couldn’t afford anything suitable. I told them I was sure I could help and advised them to refuse the offer from the high care residence in Woodend. They trusted me and I commenced searching that day, calling on my provider network, requesting priority and the next available vacancy.

A quick consultation was needed with an Aged Care Financial Specialist for advice whether Ann should transfer under the old or new age care financial rules, which had just come in. The next day we were delighted to receive an offer from one of the most sought after facilities in the area near where Ann’s daughters lived. I was able to negotiate a much lower entry price and reduced price for the room, rolling over what was left of Ann’s bond from the former facility. The family toured the facility and accepted the room.

Ann was transferred to the new facility the following Monday and was thrilled to be able to see her daughters more often and to meet and share time with grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was able to spend Christmas day at one of her daughter’s homes for the first time in many years and passed away recently with family by her side.

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