An Experienced Aged Care Consultant Makes All the Difference!

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Ian Clarke (not his real name) was in twelve-week transition care at a facility in the southern region and had been advised by his doctors that he couldn’t go home because he needed residential care. His two sons, one living in Mentone and the other in Warrandyte, spent many fruitless days visiting facilities accessible to them both. They found facilities were either too expensive, charged additional service fees, were too depressing or had long waiting lists. When the case manager put pressure on the family, telling them Ian had only one more week to find accommodation they were desperate.
Ian’s sons were exhausted after weeks of searching, as they both worked full time. Then they were referred to Oasis Aged Care Solutions by a former client. Once I had a full brief from them of where and what they were looking for I was able to arrange a tour of 5 facilities which met their criteria. Cost was an important aspect of the decision making; they had sought advice from a Financial Planner who advised them not to pay any more than $390,000 for accommodation. They were also adamant they wouldn’t pay an additional Service Fee, as Ian wouldn’t gain any benefit.
I accompanied them on visits to the facilities and assisted with relevant paperwork, reassuring the family that lack of a vacancy wasn’t an issue. When they selected the most suitable place for Ian I notified my contact there of the urgency and within days they had a choice of two rooms. I negotiated price on their behalf and the rooms were offered at $390,000 and $450,000. The family could accept one room and pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $390,000 or take the other with the better outlook, and pay the RAD of $390,000 and draw down the Daily Accommodation Payment of $60,00 for the balance (calculated at 6.22% interest), as advised by their Financial Planner.
The family opted for the room with the better outlook and were very pleased with quick timeframe in which I was able to find them found such a great place.

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