Assisting A Smooth Transition From Retirement Village To Aged Care


A referrer within the home care profession contacted me at Oasis Aged Care Solutions to say that she was working with a 93 y o lady who was living in a strata titled unit in a Retirement Village. Nancy only had one relative, a daughter with MS who was living in a homeless shelter in the UK.

An independent woman, Nancy had wanted to remain in her own unit so she had a place for her daughter to live if she should return home. Unfortunately, following a ‘turn’ at home and a subsequent hospital stay she no longer felt safe to live alone. She had previously considered a facility and when I contacted them the Facility Manager remembered Nancy. I enquired if they could now accommodate her urgently and we had her transferred within four days. Being able to negotiate urgent accommodation for my clients is one of my specialties. I also “go the extra mile” and helped Nancy pack up her belongings, cleaned her fridge and cupboards and drove her to the facility.

Nancy’s financial situation was complex. She had thought she was able to afford the facility but when it came to the crunch she didn’t have enough for the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) let alone the additional services fee. The new Retirement Act 2006 legislation provides an “out” for those living in a retirement village who then require aged care, but Nancy had been in her unit for 20 years and her contract didn’t fall under this legislation. She would have to wait a while for her unit to be refurbished and sold  to get funds, as there were thirteen other units for sale!

Fortunately I could put Nancy in touch with a Financial Planner who worked out her costs and how long her money would last. I negotiated with the facility to drop the asking price by $50,000, accrue the Daily Accommodation Charge (DAP) and deduct it from the monies received from the sale of her unit. Nancy had enough for a small deposit for the facility, who allowed her to also deduct the additional services fee from monies from the unit sale.

I visited Nancy at her new home regularly and remained in contact with her and, although she had to move to a new facility when the home closed down, she is happy there and enjoying her new accommodation.

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