Making The Decision To Future Plan For Aged Care

Caroline and Bill

Caroline and Bill

The decision to move into a retirement home or aged care is a big one as it involves moving from a familiar home into a new environment and has financial implications as well. One lovely couple, Caroline and Bill,  I have been assisting lately had been hesitant to future plan for aged care, despite encouragement from their children and advice from their doctor to consider this important step before it became an emergency situation. They were referred to Oasis Aged Care Solutions by a recent client whose daughter was an occasional carer for Caroline and was very happy with the service I provided.  Once Caroline became aware of the service I offered she contacted me. It only goes to show that people tend to do things in their own time and when they feel ready.

Caroline is concerned in the short term that she may need to go to hospital and her husband Bill cannot be left on his own. In the long term they want to be together and, if possible, share a suite, so we are concentrating the search in their familiar local area.  I have recommended they get their financials in order and have recommended a Financial Planner that can give them sound advice.  We have just started the journey so it’s a work in progress.

The important thing right now is that they feel comfortable knowing if a crisis were to occur, even before we establish a final plan, that they have someone in their corner, a safety net so to speak, who is only at the end of a phone and can immediately act on their behalf.

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