An Appalling Case of Financial Abuse Of The Elderly

Donald Ross

Donald Ross

It is appalling how some elderly people are misused. Take the case of Donald Ross, a charming, elderly gentleman who lived with a friend that was his carer for many years in Don’s home in Melbourne. The friend/carer eventually had three children and the house became cramped. The solution was to send Don to live in a unit on the other side of town and the friend/carer stayed on in Don’s home with his young family.  The financial arrangement they made was that the friend/carer paid all the rates and charges on Don’s home and the rent for the unit Don was living in.

It wasn’t until Don was being evicted from his home that he realised his friend/carer was not paying rent on the unit or the rates and charges on his house. Don went to Elder Abuse who assisted him to hire a lawyer and a financial organisation to take over his finances and act as his Power Of Attorney. The lawyer found a supported residence where Don could live indefinitely. Unfortunately, as Don has been deaf since birth, his only means of communication was via email and this residence was in an internet ‘black spot’ which could not be fixed, making communication very difficult for Don.

The legal proceedings were lengthy, but eventually the former carer and his family were evicted and Don’s home was sold for a good sum.  This enabled Don his choice of living options in Melbourne and I assisted him to find a lovely, low care facility with a large room, magnificent views and great staff. He is extremely happy with his decision and I still visit him, as he has no living relatives. Read his testimonial.

It is now the recommendation of the Department of Ageing that people entering care should seek the advice of an Aged Care Financial Specialist. In my experience there have been very few clients who would not have benefitted from sound financial advice.  Unfortunately the one-off fee can put people off, even though the right advice could save them money and knowledge of the ongoing cost of care and how long their money will last.

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