The Shock of Suddenly Having To Place Your Parent In Aged Care


Arcare Lauriston

Arcare Lauriston

I often get referrals to new clients as past clients have been very happy with their outcomes. Recently two sisters were referred to me by a social worker after I had successfully placed another of her patients in a suitable Aged Care Facility. Their father had been living alone and began having falls brought on by a condition which caused sudden drops in blood pressure. After a stint in hospital following a fall, the medical staff told the sisters that their father’s condition made it dangerous for him to go back home and live alone and they were asked to find permanent accommodation for him. This can come as a shock to a family, suddenly under pressure to find a suitable Aged Care facility for their parent in a short time.
Fortunately this gentleman had enough assets to enable him to have some options close by, but it would be tight as most facilities are now charging an extra additional services fee daily. It was difficult for his daughters who had visited what they thought were all the facilities in the area and had found there weren’t any vacancies. When they came to me I suggested a facility that I knew provided great care and where I had a good relationship with the management. As I explained to them, it is often about who you know and in this case it proved correct. We not only secured the next vacancy, but I was also able to reduce the ongoing cost by $50k. One daughter, Julie wrote to me “Dad is doing fairly well. Having his own bathroom has proven a godsend, I don’t think he would cope sharing with others. We couldn’t ask for a better facility for Dad. It’s very quiet, light and cheerful and the staff are very friendly. Dad is also starting to make some friends and loves chatting to the staff and other residents at meal times. Thank you so very much for all your help. The extra effort you went to in negotiating a very quiet room on the first floor is very much appreciated. “ and her sister Julie backed her up, writing “Thank you again for suggesting this facility. Through a very difficult process we can now see Dad settling in well and feel we have achieved the best outcome for him and our family.” I am proud to add these to the testimonials page on my website.

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