It Takes A Team To Move Into Aged Care

Outdoor Area at Modern Facility

Outdoor Area at Modern Facility

It takes a team of professionals to help an elderly person when they reach a stage in life where they need to move into an Aged Care Facility.  This is such a big step in their life and so many aspects need to be considered and advised upon. As an Aged Care Placement Consultant, I am able to assist people move smoothly into an appropriate Aged Care Facility and I always advise my clients to get advice from an Aged Care Financial Planner, as it’s very hard to move forward in the placement process until it is known what is affordable. Once the person has been assessed by the ACAT team as needing care, the next step is to assess what they can afford in Aged Care and how they will finance their needs moving forward.. I have helped many people source appropriate facilities which are within their financial means, but of course it’s important to establish what those means are. Fortunately, I have a number of Aged Care Financial Planners I trust and can refer my clients to for an honest and accurate assessment of their financial situation.
Often clients have utilised the services of a trusted Accountant for many years. Whilst Accountants are very familiar with their client’s finances different legislation applies to Aged Care, and this is an area in which an Aged Care Financial Planner specialises. So the Placement Consultant, the Aged Care Financial Planner and the Accountant can work well together as a team looking after the best interests of the client. Likewise,clients often have a Solicitor who looks after their affairs. Whilst it is not imperative that the agreement between the facility and the client is scrutinized, some clients prefer their Solicitor to check and advise on the agreement.

A Power of Attorney is usually required for each resident entering an Aged Care Facility and either a Solicitor or the Office of Public Advocate is required to draw up a Powers of Attorney document. A Power of Attorney is required to be responsible for the financial affairs of a person if they lose capacity. I also have a number of highly regarded Solicitors I can refer my clients to.

Single Bedroom at Sapphire Oakley

Single Bedroom at Sapphire Oakley

A Placement Consultant can make a big difference to the time taken to find suitable aged care and to the level of stress on the client and their family. As I have worked within this sector for over twenty years I have a vast knowledge of the different Aged Care Facilities, the Managers of the Facilities and I keep up to date with legislation requirements for Aged Care. I am often able to place a client into a Facility much faster than they or their families could achieve and I take care of all the paper work and negotiations on their behalf, thus saving a lot of time and stress.  As I care for each of my clients, I always follow through when they are placed to make sure they are comfortable with their new home.

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