Some Stunning New Aged Care Facilities Offer Couples Options

Lounge at Arcare Malvern

Lounge at Arcare Malvern

Some people like to be well prepared for life’s next steps and I had the pleasure of assisting a couple recently who are looking to their future and checking out their options. My clients Ann and Ewart are currently looking at aged care accommodation for Ewart, but also are being mindful that one day Ann may join him at the facility they eventually choose.  Ewart is not ready yet to commit to a move but has had his aged care assessment and so they are preparing for the future.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as prepared as Ann and Ewart and in many cases people are blindsided by a crisis resulting in an immediate transition to residential care with no preparation in place. Quite often that can mean that any real choice is taken away as they need to take the first option they find.

I toured Arcare Malvern with Ann and Ewart.

The facility is quite new, about 12 months old and is considered 5 star accommodation.  The rooms are large and there are suites available.  This is an example of the quality of accommodation available today and features the Arcare Signature Service, although it is in the upper price range.

Another lovely aged care facility I was fortunate enough to tour recently is the most recent jewel in the crown for Sapphire Aged Care at Oakleigh, which was purpose built and has been accepting residents for the last few weeks.

Suite at Sapphire Aged Care Oakleigh

Suite at Sapphire Aged Care Oakleigh

I found this facility to be warm and welcoming, built around a large central courtyard with an eye-catching vertical garden planted with a variety of edible herbs for the kitchen. It has lovely furnishings and it was pleasing to find that there were some one-bedroom suites available, as well as single suites, which were of a size to accommodate couples.  As a Placement Consultant I am finding that many of my current clients are seeking this sort of aged care accommodation.

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