Going Outside The Square As An Aged Care Placement Specialist


Sometimes you have a placement that is more difficult than others and you find you need to go outside the square.  Recently I was delighted to have finally found a new home on the Gold Coast for a 71 year old  gentleman who has been one of my most difficult placements.  His welfare officer had spent several months searching for suitable accommodation and turned to me for help, knowing my experience as a Placement Specialist could help solve their problem.  ‘David’ has a cognitive deficit caused by two strokes he suffered a few years ago and since that time has been in an aged care facility.

The problem for him is that he has always wanted to go back to Queensland. Every fortnight he buys himself raffle tickets in the Boys Town lottery trying to win a home in Queensland.  From an aged care perspective he has little or no care needs but he can’t live on his own and look after himself. The part of his brain affected by the strokes is that which gives us insight and executive thinking. Because this part of his brain doesn’t function properly David had issues in a previous facility and, as a result, the court deemed him not appropriate to share a care facility with vulnerable females. The alternative was to approach the one and only all-male facility in Queensland who didn’t have a vacancy for David.

So we had to try an alternate pathway and eventually found a lovely supported residence (not aged care) which is able to meet his needs and their clientele are not vulnerable. He will be provided with a community case manager who will be able to see to David’s social and emotional well-being and access to external services. To achieve this outcome it took a lot of steps, I  had to arrange reassessments for David, liaise with State Trustees, organise his flights, arrange for transporting of his belongings and arrange for a carer to accompanying David to his new home. This is all part of the services I offer and going beyond a little too! We really hope this move will make him happy and wish David all the best.

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