Current Support Needs Versus Long Term Aged Care Vision

Stairs can make a house unsafe.

Stairs can make a house unsafe.

My job as a Placement Consultant for aged care is quite varied.  A newly acquired client, a 60-year-old woman is in a different situation altogether from most of my clients, who have reached retirement age. Her funds are limited and she doesn’t have an income since she is not eligible for an aged pension.  Her underlying medical condition prevents her from being able to work at her usual occupation and she would find it very difficult to access a disability pension due to the criteria being so stringent.  As she is still in rehabilitation she has not been in a position to seek employment. She had a fall in December and another recently which has made her reluctant to return to her home where she feels unsafe due to the stairs.  She is now afraid to live in an unsupported environment.
Given that her medical condition is quite likely to cause more falls in the future, she needs accommodation with aged care on site. The other option is to move to a retirement village where the costs, particularly the deferred management fee that is taken out on exit, won’t be prohibitive to her affording to move to aged care accommodation later. She can’t afford to lose too much of the capital she has invested in a retirement unit once she sells her present home as she needs  to have enough money to buy into aged care.
The pressure is on to find the right accommodation she can afford in the long term fairly quickly as she refuses to go on Centrelink benefits. Her home is now on the market and we are hoping for a quick sale. It is imperative that the ongoing fees for the accommodation we find her will not eat away too quickly into her diminishing savings.  Fortunately, she will accept the right accommodation within a large area, which will make my task easier.

3 thoughts on “Current Support Needs Versus Long Term Aged Care Vision

  1. Morning I have a neice who has deminture she is only 45 currently in a hostel placed by v cat I need to move her to aged care in NSW she is in Victoria but I don’t know how to go about it she is also under state trustees can you help thank you Dianne rigby


    • Hi Dianne. so sorry to be so long in replying. I didn’t see your comment until tonight. I am sure I could assist you with this move and would be very happy to talk to you so we can discuss this in more detail. Please call me anytime. Jillian


    • Hi Dianne
      I believe I can be of assistance in helping you with your niece. If you would like to discuss her situation in more detail, please call me anytime to discuss her situation further. Kind regards Jillian


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