Finding An Elegant Transition From Retirement Village to High Needs Aged Care


A couple in their 70s contacted me looking for an Aged Care Placement Specialist to help find the right aged care accommodation within a 5 km. radius of where they live. Their concern with buying into a retirement village has been that a day may come when one of them could need the next level of care.  If they use the funds from the sale of their current home to purchase a villa, they don’t have extra funds to buy into aged care accommodation later.  They are used to a certain standard of living and don’t want to lower their standards with this move or the next one.

I have been seeking a solution so they can transition into aged care from a retirement village with the least disruption and loss of capital.  We considered a retirement complex with aged care on site but this dual level of accommodation is not all that common, especially in the area where they are looking.  Another option is utilising the new private aged care/home care community solution from Freedom Aged Care, recently purchased by Aveo in early 2016, and gradually being rolled out into most of Aveo’s properties in Victoria. Freedom villages/communities accommodate couples together and are pet friendly, a big plus for many of my clients.

Freedom Care accommodate couples.

Freedom Care accommodate couples.

Each Freedom Village/Community has a senior Registered Nurse Village Manager who is supported by a Case Manager, Registered Nurses and a team of care and support service staff.  This dedicated aged care staff are on site throughout the day and night. This means that if a resident needs nursing care it can be accessed directly through the retirement village, whether it be a low level of care or a higher level. The beauty of this is that residents don’t ever need to leave a Freedom Aged Care Village/Community, no matter how much their health declines.

The vastly differing fees and charges and the inclusions in those charges, which vary from retirement village to retirement village, were very confusing for this couple. That’s the reason they sought my services. My brief is to find suitable accommodation to their standard, within their price range and an elegant transition to a higher level of care when needed. With settlement of their property coming up next January, we are working to a tight time frame, but I have no doubt I will find them the best solution.

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