Comfort, Care and Support Essential In Aged Care Accommodation

My services as a Placement Consultant were needed recently to help a client find a suitable aged care facility that could care for her father who had terminal cancer.  At the time he was in a rehab hospital who couldn’t do any more for him and he didn’t want to end his life there. It was not known how long he would live but his daughter wanted him to have every chance to enjoy what was left of his life in comfortable surroundings and the possibility of ongoing rehabilitation in case his condition were to improve. At the top of her list of was the facility’s ability to provide the best palliative care possible when it became necessary.  As happens when comparing facilities, you will not find one that ticks all the boxes, so you choose one that meets most of your criteria and has the right feeling when you walk through the door. Another important consideration is whether there is a vacancy available at the time.  With my client’s father wanting to leave the rehab hospital as soon as possible we needed to find him suitable accommodation quickly.

We visited three facilities:

Whittlesea Lodge
Whittlesea Lodge
This is a very lovely, spacious building with many gorgeous outdoor settings.  The rooms are of a decent size.  Unfortunately, they had no vacancies at the time.


Estia Heritage Lakes
The dining room here was particularly lovely, a bit like a bistro in a club. The facility had a great atmosphere and provided many activities. There were also independent living units attached to the site.  Once again, no vacancy.


Arcare Epping
This is the facility my client chose for her father. The standard of care felt appropriate to his requirements and the facility itself had a lovely warm feeling. The internal courtyard garden and the coffee shop added to the overall feel of the place.  The furnishings were all of a high quality.

Her father moved in and within the space of a few days his condition deteriorated significantly and he passed away within 10 days. The facility provided the care he needed with the help and expertise of an outreach palliative care team as backup.  The facility provided meals and support for the family who on occasion stayed overnight. The family were very appreciative of both mine and the facility’s support through this difficult time.  I will often go above and beyond to help my clients and was happy to do all I could to support this family.

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