Finding a Green View in an Aged Care Facility


Greenview Aged Care, Donvale

A financial planner referred this client to me to find accommodation for his father. Until quite recently his dad had been living independently, driving and attending community activities until a medical event occurred which meant he could no longer live alone.  The father was in transitional care, awaiting his son finding him a suitable aged care facility as his new home.  Fortunately he had enough funds to afford a facility which would make the transition from private home to residential care a little easier.
The brief was to find somewhere with more than one room and where ‘greenery’ could be viewed. We were extremely lucky because his geographical area included three facilities which met this criteria, as generally this type of facility is not the norm. We toured the three facilities and the son was very happy with the quality and care offered at each one, but when we walked into the room on offer at Allity facility, Templestowe Manor, the deal was sealed.


Dining room, Templestowe Manor


Lounge area with billiard table Templestowe Manor

The lounge had a small balcony which opened out onto a stunning view of the park next door, complete with lawn and trees.  The suite has a separate lounge and kitchenette as well as bedroom. Together with the beautiful outlook, it met the father’s requirements perfectly, so he moved in and is settling in well, enjoying his view.

Camberwell Green Room/ensuite

Camberwell Green Room/ensuite

Other Allity facilities I visited recently included the refurbished Camberwell Green aged care facility in Camberwell and Allity Donvale. Both have been tastefully designed and decorated in what I am coming to see as the true Allity style.  Camberwell Green offer large suites with a separate lounge, small kitchenette and ensuite.  They have now added many small sitting areas for families and residents as well as a coffee area where you can access self-serve cappuccinos and lattes at any time of the day.

Camberwell Green Sitting Nook

Camberwell Green Sitting Nook

Having formerly been a retirement residence, the rooms are much larger and better appointed than what you will usually find in residential aged care.

Greenview, Donvale bedroom

Greenview, Donvale bedroom

Greenview Donvale, kitchenette

Greenview Donvale, kitchenette

The luxury standard of care at Allity’s Greenview Aged Care in Donvale offers apartment style living. Different types of accommodation are available, set in distinct neighbourhoods all with their own unique character. As an Aged Care Placement Specialist I visit many facilities, and It is a delightful to visit aged facilities refurbished to such a high standard and with such respect for their residents.

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