Top Five Questions To Consider When Seeking An Aged Care Facility


When a person needs the high level of care an aged care facility can provide they face a BIG decision. Which aged care facility to move into.  Of course, it is not always easy to get into a facility as they are often full and this is where my services are of such enormous value, as I can often obtain a placement much quicker than a family can, for instance. When assessing the most suitable aged care facility here are the top five questions to consider:
1.     Cost and affordability
Costs vary between aged care homes and the way they are structured also varies. It is vital that the ongoing costs are understood, the contributions available from the Government are taken into account and the person going into care (and their family) has a full grasp of how much they can afford for ongoing care.  The basic daily fee must be met to contribute towards day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling.  There is also an accommodation payment, which may be met in full or in part by the Government, while others with more assets will need to pay the accommodation price agreed with the aged care home. I always recommend seeking the help of a qualified Financial Planner who is experienced in the aged care field.
 2.     Appropriate Staffing Levels
A person entering an aged care facility is doing so because they need a high level of care, so it’s important to ensure there is sufficient skilled staff on hand to provide the level of care required. Keep in mind that staff to resident ratios can fluctuate within a facility depending on the care needs of the residents at the time. When assessing staffing levels it’s best to enquire about how the needs of the person seeking care will be met.
3.     Registered Nurses rostered all shifts
There is much debate on the subject of qualified nursing staff levels in aged care facilities at present, due to changes to the legislation. However, I recommend finding an aged care facility that has a registered nurse on staff at all times as they can oversee medications, manage specialised nursing care needs, provide palliative care and will minimise unnecessary transfers to emergency departments
4.     Find Accredited Facilities
All aged care homes need to meet certain residential aged care Accreditation Standards, so residents receive the best care and in order for them to receive government subsidies.
5.     Visiting Doctors
Facilities allow their residents to have their own doctor visit them for their ongoing health needs, which is far preferable, as they know and trust their own doctor and their doctor knows their history. However, unless a resident is within the local area of their treating doctor, the doctor is unlikely to travel to the facility, so the location of the facility may be critical.

Please contact me if you wish to use my services or refer me to assist someone seeking a suitable aged care facility to meet their needs.

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