A Survey Reveals Residents’ Dining Tastes In Aged Care Facility

A survey conducted by Ryman Healthcare aged care operator in their New Zealand aged care facility highlighted to them what their residents were looking for when it came to their meals.  With lunch and dinner being served daily it was important to get it right.food

The survey revealed that choice was a big winner as well as presentation of the food.  Ryman Hospitality Manager Andrew Gibson said “They like the classics, they like fresh seasonal ingredients and they want food that is not bland in any way.” So now their menus still include old favourites such as mince on toast, but have been boosted with more interesting additions such as osso bucco – a cross cut beef shank – and calzones. Vegetarian options are also being offered. The serveries in the dining area have been replaced by kitchen staff now putting the meals together, presenting them in an appetising way. These changes are currently being rolled out in their Melbourne facility too.

When it comes to food most relatives of people entering an aged care facility are very concerned at the quality. They want to be sure that their loved one will have their appetites stimulated by tasty, good quality dishes. Indeed, it is one of the criteria I apply when sourcing the most suitable aged care accommodation for my clients. Is fresh food served daily? Are there choices on the menu? Are the meals nutritious? Are they well presented? What are the dining areas like? Are options available for people with allergies or intolerances?  As an Aged Care Placement Consultant these are the sort of questions I ask.

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