New Aged Care Facility in Greensborough


Trinity Manor Greensborough frontAs an aged care Placement Consultant I am, at times, invited to visit new aged care facilities prior to their opening. Recently I was invited to visit Trinity Manor Greensborough to view the facility before it opened its doors to residents yesterday (16th May, 2019).

Trinity Manor Greensborough reception

There are 112 beds, including 12 in the Memory Support section for those living with dementia needing a secure and safe environment.  They offer these residents a specialist dementia care support program. All residents have access to care by qualified registered division 1 nurses, available 24 hours.

The chef prepared a lovely lunch for me so that I could sample the standard of meals that will be served to the residents. They will have a plentiful supply of food throughout the  Trinity Manor Greensborough meal

day, with a continental and hot breakfast followed by a main meal at lunch with offerings such as Rogan Josh, roast leg of pork with apple sauce, crumbed fish and beef and shiraz pie served with a varied range of vegetables daily followed by desserts such as mango panna cotta and apple strudel. A soup is served in the evening followed by a light meal and dessert. Cakes, devonshire tea or biscuits are served at morning and afternoon tea and supper.

It was intriguing to see a robot in action in an aged care facility; its role is to take the load from carers and kitchen staff. Able to deliver to rooms and various departments, the robot accesses the lift to reach different floors.

Trinity Manor Greensborough robot 2

The robot stops when a resident is near and plays music as it goes along. In my role as a Placement Consultant I have to confess this is the first time I’ve seen a robot in aged care. The facility is using the Lamson Robo, which is easily operated with an IOS mobile app, allowing the operator to call and send the robot via a mobile device. Whilst I was visiting they were mapping the building with the robot. The new residents will be involved in naming the robot, with a competition for its name.

The facility has many great features, with a hairdresser,

Trinity Manor Greensborough haridresser

massage room, gymnasium, cinema,


private dining rooms for family meals, outdoor bar b q, multiple dining and lounge areas and balconies and terraces off rooms. The décor and furniture is all modern and tasteful.

Aged Care Service Not Age Friendly

elderly lady at home

Extraordinarily, Australia’s aged home care sector has come under some strong criticism for not being age friendly according to a report from the University of South Australia . Older Australians have been left feeling disempowered and lacking in confidence due to its complexities. Research explored the ability of people aged 65 plus to select and financially manage their home care packages;

“Home-care packages support people to stay in their own homes for longer, so they are a really appealing option for people as they age or become less independent,” said lead researcher, Braam Lowies “But our research found that older people felt insecure about their capacity to manage home-care packages to their best advantage and we wanted to understand why.”

What they found was that, although the government had recently increased total aged care spending to $662 million, including the release of 10,000 additional home-care packages, the environment in which the packages are provided was so complicated that many older Australians were unsure of which options best suit their personal situation.

Clients of mine are currently dealing with this very situation. A 96 year old couple are in need of support, having stayed independent until this year. The husband had a bad fall and is now in a rehabilitation unit and will probably need my help as a placement consultant to find accommodation in an aged care facility. However, his wife is keen to stay at home with support. She has found she needs help from her family to even begin the first step of applying for assistance. Without their support she would not be able to access the service on her own.

“We found a host of problems from a general lack of confidence and lack of knowledge of the system among older people, to overly complicated communications, high staff turnover and inadequately trained staff providing in home care, inconsistencies in package administration, confusing fee structures and even inaccurate billing processes” Dr Lowies said “Unfortunately, the more complicated and inaccessible the programs are, the more it creates a lack of confidence and motivation for older people accessing services.”

The banking and finance industry was also examined in the Financial Capability of Older People report and it came in for criticism too for not being age friendly.


Elderly People Take To Gaming

Using technology is a growing trend amongst the elderly, with a recent national survey showing that 45% of 65s and over now play some sort of video game.  Forget Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto, we are talking Soduku, Words With Friends and Solitaire.  These games are being played by elderly people to keep their minds active, stave off dementia, to de-stress and as a social activity.  Now that so many people have a tablet or some sort of mobile device it is easier to play online games. Another trend is that the age at which people start to play online games is getting older.

Researchers at University College in London are hopeful that a game, Sea Hero Quest, will be used as an early diagnostic tool to detect the onset of Alzheimer’s dementia in the future.  Last year the smartphone app was initiated by Alzheimer’s Research UK, disguised as any other fun mobile game. Their ulterior motive was that by using the game they had an “unprecedented chance to study how many thousands of people from different countries and cultures navigate space,” as decreased spacial awareness is one of the first signs of dementia.

The researchers have now unveiled their incredible findings from its 2.4 million users. This amount of data would normally take about 9,400 years in the lab! The have found a gradual decease in spatial awareness from age 19 to 75, with 46% not being accurate by the age of 75.

As I visit Aged Care Facilities frequently in my role as a Placement Consultant, assisting elderly clients and their families to find suitable aged care accommodation, I am seeing more and more residents coming into facilities with computers and laptops.

Working in the cloud is another term we are all hearing more of and is affecting the operations of aged care facilities. One Aged Care Group, privately owned Aegis in Perth, has deployed the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform to support a new care system that improves care for its 2,500 residents. The aged care group has rolled out 400 tablets connecting to the new care system, so their staff can take notes as they are looking after a resident at the point of care, keeping records more accurate and up to date.